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The Bopology Illinois Swing Wedding Band Plan
Summary: It combines a seasoned professional swing band with a DJ (or an iPod & PA system package) and is designed for the bride and groom who know what type of music they want and have a Wedding Music Playlist in mind or for those who want an actual Northern Illinois Wedding DJ who handles the DJ Music start to finish. It’s up to you. Note: It costs less to cut-out the DJ.

The plan: To provide a live band earlier in the Wedding Reception (90-120 minutes) and finish with an Ipod or iPad amplified through a professional sound system. The low cost of this event is far less than keeping the band all 6 hours and offers each musical genre (Illinois Wedding Band or the Illinois Wedding DJ) the chance to exemplify their individual benefits. How?

The Idea: The Bopology sound emphasizes the classic and standard swing tunes, fits best earlier in the evening. By the later sets, the professional PA sound system (16 multi channel mixer, two 3-way Makie 1530 powered speakers & cordless mic included in package) gives your iPod playlist and music the punch and power of an Illinois DJ … but without all the talking. Bopology can design the playlist if requested per your instructions (e.g., "fades out after 3 minute per song"). you push play-and pause when you want, the mic is yours to control. A staff member remains on site during the event and can make announcements if preferred.

The Benefit: A Chicago swing, jazz and rat-pack wedding band combined with recorded music offers the most bang-for-your-buck. Your wedding is different. Bopology provides outstanding listening music (they perform numerous annual concerts) with a swing / jazz style for dinner as well as the first 60-90 minutes of dancing. The iPod PA package or the Illinois Wedding DJ, takes over with seamless integrity and the party continues. The new wedding concept

Chicago Illinois and Wisconsin Bands (groups of musicians who perform together often in organized system) typically play one style of music most authentically. For example, it’s hard for the same band to replicate accurately “Fly me to the Moon” and Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” at a live performance. This is not a knock on the Chicago wedding bands that attempt it; rather different instrumentations, specialized equipment, digital effects created in the studio etc…make it difficult. Not only that, some songs are so popular that covering them is often dissatisfying because people like the original as-it-is. (ex: YMCA, Dancin’ Queen)

The Bopology Chicago Illinois Wedding Plan (band with the iPod PA package or with a live DJ) permits each entertainment method to fit where it belongs. Earlier in the evening, live music is elegant during dinner, classy and romantic during the first dance and the styles that Grandma and Grandpa (who tend to depart sooner) enjoy. Later in the evening, the punch and grind of dance music (fog machine and disco ball available for rental -- your choice) take over and your Ipod selections continue uninterrupted for a well-balanced musical entertainment plan. And it doesn’t break-the-budget.

Of course, if requested, we will assist in selecting Ipod music as well or put together the playlist to eliminate the effort from the Bride and Groom. After all, this is your party.

From start to finish, Bopology will assist the Bride and Groom to guarantee the musical component of their big day runs smooth. Do not simply believe the words on this page, you are encouraged to call the references listed on past months schedule via an email link to obtain their feelings. They will tell you about the quantity of dancing swing music sparked and the ease with which the band kept the party flowing.

Rather than attempting to encompass a wide variety of musical genres with mediocre results, Bopology stays focused on Swing, Sinatra and Jazz. For the wedding party who want specifically swing, look no further. Bopology does one thing and does it well.

Sometimes, however, there are particular styles and/or individual songs which you or your guests may want to hear. For this reason, the "DJ during break" option was created. With the Chicago Wedding DJ plan, you get the six piece group Bopology to provide the luxurious intimacy of a live band that specializes in the elegant sounds of Sinatra and the swing era along with the flexibility and variety of a Chicago Wedding DJ.

How is this accomplished within budget? It is an Ipod with pre-planned playlists of specific songs in the order you request played through a state-of-the-art sound system while the band takes a break. You never have to worry about the discomfort that comes from dead silence -- Bopology keeps the party dancing. This option offers a method to add musical variety without sacrificing the expertise that come from a focused, artistic passion.

With regards to dinner music, you can select from live, instrumental jazz or the Ipod. From start to finish, every wedding becomes a good reference.

Daytime wedding guests dancing
to the swingin' sounds.

A romantic & elegant first dance
with Bopology doing the honors.

A satisfied bride hangin' out with
the band. To become family is a
real honor. Give them a call:

Greg and Julie with their souvenir autographed "Casino Swing" CD. Click on Sample Music to hear the CD, click on the References page to email this happy bride and groom for their feelings about bopology.

Here's a happy couple with their souvenir autographed Bopology CD -- a little something extra included with every wedding.

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